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Honoring our Military with a Family Session

In honor of Memorial Day, I have been running a promotion for Veterans and Military Families, where we give all proceeds to the Semper Fi Fund. It has been one of my favorite and most popular campaigns in our three and a half years!

I get to connect with some of our real-life heros, those who have dedicated their lives to protecting our freedom, and who have families back home who have held down the fort while their loved ones are serving our country. I have been able to hear their stories, give thanks, and just hang out with them, and it has given me more of a sense of appreciation than I could have asked for.

This Memorial Day, I am more grateful to those men and women who have given their time, love, knowledge, skills, and lives to the Unites State Military, so that we can enjoy all of the privileges that we have today.

Saturday, I had the incredible privilege of spending an hour with an Army Colonel and his beautiful, happy, incredible family. I had the best time with their three boys, and loved every second of my time with them. Colonel Marcozzi (also known as Dr. Marcozzi), is an Emergency Room Physician the the University of Maryland, was deployed twice to Iraq and once to Afghanistan, in addition to countless state-side deployments. He has been in the Army for eighteen years, and trains doctors to go overseas to treat our injured soldiers (in addition to a long list of other responsibilities and titles). His lovely wife has held down the fort over here while he was gone. During his second deployment, she was pregnant and had a 1.5y/o.

They handle everything with such grace, confidence, and love. Their boys are a joy to be around, adore their parents, and were amazing during our session.

Dr. Marcozzi and Heidi, thank you so much for your service, and for trusting me with your photos. I LOVED our time together, and appreciate you putting up with me and my photos ;-).

I hope you love your sneak-peak <3 !

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