The Veteran's Project

In May of 2018, two weeks before Memorial Day, I was thinking of ways to support our military and Veterans. Given the unemployment, suicide, and homelessness rate amongst our Veterans, I wanted a way to help bridge the transition gap from active duty to civilian life. The idea was to offer free corporate head-shots for military Veterans to use to promote themselves in their job search. I was also offering discounted sessions for military families, with half of the proceeds going to The Semper Fi Fund.

When writing out the business plan for the project, our initial goal was to photograph fifty Veterans for free. I was determined to make this project work, so I emailed and called people I wouldn't normally contact asking for help and support. I looked up and emailed every Veteran organization in Maryland and DC. And I emailed the news organizations.


What we did not expect to happen was the immediate response, interest, media attention, and overall love of this project. Megan Pringle from WBAL-TV11 called and said she loved the project and would like to do a story on it. Then Hilary Lane at WUSA9 in D.C. called and wanted a story. And Nancy Yamada from State Circle at Maryland Public Television.


The response has been phenomenal and I am so grateful. We surpassed our goal of fifty Veterans, and have been asked to offer head-shots at BourBiz DC, which will have over 600 Veteran's plus their spouses in attendance. The D.C. Mayor's Office of Veteran's Affairs also reached out and would like for me to photograph and take head-shots at their monthly job fairs, as well as their monthly Women's Round Table. We have also been contacted by several counties in Maryland to photograph their monthly Veteran job fairs. By December 2018, I expect to photograph over 200 Veterans, by myself. 

In order to keep this project going, and growing, we need sponsors, big and small. The money will help us continue to reach Veterans in the transition stage of their military career, and offer them their first step towards a new career.  

Thank you for your interest in this project. If you believe in it and are interested in learning more, I'd love to share this passion with you. Feel free to call me: (443) 846-4013 or email me: If you feel compelled to donate to the project, please click the link below.

Let's work together to help those who have fought for our country get back on their feet, and stay there.