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Romantic Proposal at Sherwood Gardens

I know I've mentioned this before, but one of my favorite parts of photographing a proposal is that I get to take one (or both) of my oldest kids with me to record the proposal on my phone. We then add the video to the couple's "sneak peek" as a little surprise. Spending that time with Anna and/or Ryne is always so fun and some of my favorite moments of the day. I "pretend" to be photographing them (unbeknownst to them, I really am taking photos of them ;-) ) while they're looking out for our couple, then we follow our couple to their designated location where the proposal will take place. The one proposing will give us a sign (straightening their collar, adjusting their shoe, etc) so Anna/Ryne and I know it's "go time". When the new fiánce realizes we are there, Anna/Ryne and I always laugh and wave, which is always caught on camera, and is another one of my favorite moments.

This particular proposal was one was one of my favorites (I, clearly, have a lot of favorites)! William and Sam go on regular picnics to gardens, so Sam wasn't going to expect anything. They had the cutest picnic basket filled with lunch and champagne (and a gorgeous diamond ring), and were set up for a beautiful day. I always ask for a photo of the couple so we know who to look for, so we knew when they arrived. Ryne had his eyes pinned on them from the moment they parked, and I was able to grab some updated photos of Ryne in his soccer uniform so Sam didn't suspect anything when she saw was a win, win ;-). Ryne winked at me once they passed us, and we started to follow them at a safe distance. We hid behind some bushes, got the cue from William, which was a little adjustment to his collar, and started recording and photographing. It.was.amazing!!!! This picnic turned proposal was so romantic and beautiful, and William & Sam could not have been more beautiful!

Check out their video and photos below, and get swept up in the love that is shared between them!

Congratulations, William and Sam! Ryne and I loved capturing your special moment!! xoxo


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