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Loyola University Graduation

As soon as Aly and I started texting, I knew she was going to be so fun to photograph! Her college experience was slightly different than most, but even more worth celebrating...and boy were we going to celebrate her! She fought and worked hard for her degree, and never gave up. You don't meet people like Aly very often, and I felt so honored to get to photograph this momentous occasion in her life.

The day of our session, our texts were filled with excitement and when we finally met, I felt like I was being reunited with a long-lost best friend! Her Mom, sister, cousin, and Aunt all came to celebrate and join in on the photos (while making her laugh during the photos....we won't mention how ;-) ), and I felt like I was with my own family. I absolutely LOVED it! You could feel just how special these photos were and the meaning behind the photos, and I loved spending this time with this beautiful (inside and out) family! Aly, my beautiful new friend ;-), congratulations on accomplishing an incredible goal and a huge milestone in your journey. Continue to keep your head up, smile, and lead with your heart. You are destined for wonderful, beautiful, life-changing things! Thank you for choosing me to take your photos. I absolutely loved my time with all of you.




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