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Faith, Love and Adoptions

I believe it is a gift when you meet someone and they instantly change your life, whether by their words or actions. The Beck Family is one of those gifts, and it was by their words and their actions. This family is one of a kind, and they have been called to do more than the average family.

We met them when we moved here five years ago and our daughters were in the same class. We became familiar with one another at their family farm stand, "My Mother's Garden". Every time I saw Jess, she was always friendly, had kind words to say, and left me with a sense of peace. Our family lovingly referred to her as "Farmer Jess" because she was the one and only Farmer that provided the fruits and vegetables that ended up on our table.

Last year, God put it on their hearts to adopt a little boy, and over this past year, we have had the greatest gift of witnessing this beautiful family of four become an incredible family of five. We have watched them pray and put all of their faith in God, not knowing how, or if, things were going to work out; we have watched them grow stronger than they were before; we have watched two sisters open their arms, willingly and lovingly to a brother; we have watched the amazing love between a husband and wife, and their dedication to their family; and most importantly, we have witnessed the testimony of God's love on earth. To an outsider, you never would know they only went through the adoption process one year ago. The love for this boy is so abundant, you know he was placed on this earth to be a part of the Beck Family. The smiles are so deep and contagious, the inside jokes make you laugh even though you're not part of them, and the love is overflowing it wraps around you like a warm blanket.