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Warrior Fit Weekend with Catch A Lift Fund

This is the true meaning of life. It's not about money or material items. It's about getting up each day with the determination to beat your personal best from the day before. To prove to yourself and everyone else that you can do what you've been told you cannot do. To be the best version of yourself each day. And believing you will succeed.

This weekend changed lives of so many people, myself included. My heart grew exponentially, and my motivation to get out there and do something more for our Veterans sky-rocketed. The Veterans that were here were so humble, grateful, never complained, and kicked some serious butt. They referred to their injuries as "paper-cuts", never wanted to be called "heroes" or "warriors", and were the most incredible people I have ever had the privilege of being around.

Thank you Lynn Coffland and the Catch A Lift Fund for your passion in giving back to our Veteran community and dedication in seeing them through their darkest days.

We are surrounded by the best of the best with the Unites States Military. May we never forget that. May we never forget what they have sacrificed for our country. May we give thanks to our Veterans every day, but especially today.

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