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Coming up on our Fourth Anniversary

This #thankfultuesday, I want to give thanks to my husband and children for their constant love and encouragement, and for putting up with my doubt while on this journey of owning my own photography business.

Four years ago today, I photographed my first wedding. We hadn't launched our photography business, but friends knew I had deep passion for photography and wanted to get more involved. Our daughter's preschool teacher asked me if I would be interested in photographing her brother's wedding, which was going to be small, and quite unique. Umm, yes, please!

As with all photos, I remember the smell in the air on that September morning, I remember what I was wearing, and the nervousness and excitement I felt as I got ready and drove to the wedding. I had visited the venue four times, just to make sure I knew everything about it, had my lighting right, and to meet the staff. I will never forget the feeling I got when the event planner said, "oh, you're the wedding photographer." I honestly looked around to see if there was someone else standing behind me because, surely, she wasn't talking to me.

The day of the wedding was amazing and it lit the fire inside that showed me this was what I wanted to do. I truly was on cloud 9.

I got home, shared my excitement with my family, uploaded the 9,000+ photos I had taken that day (again, it was my first wedding), and sat down with Jay to decompress. I remember telling him that I wanted to pursue this and dive deeper into photography and, as always, he supported it. His exact response was, "go for it. You're good at it, you love it, and I believe you can do it."

When I mentioned to other people that I was doing this, they said, "oh, so many stay at-home-Moms are going into photography" or "you don't have your degree in photography. What sets you apart from the others?" Those who know me well know that when I am doubted or questioned, it doesn't slow me down. It motivates me to work harder and prove them wrong. And I believe we have.

As we embark on our fourth anniversary, I am in awe of how far we have come. The people we have met, the types of events we've been able to photograph, and the barriers we have broken.

Thank you for loving this company, supporting us, and encouraging me to go after my dreams. This is only the beginning, I guarantee it.

xoxo, Meghan

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