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Giving back to a Marine Corps Veteran

There are big things coming for MHP, and yesterday morning was one of the best mornings in my photography career!

There will be more on that later, but it all included a man whom I was honored to meet.

Please meet Josh Nagle. Josh is a U.S. Military Veteran who served two tours in Iraq with the United States Marine Corps. He enlisted in the Marines and went to bootcamp shortly before 9/11, and was one of the first Marine units deployed to Iraq. He served two tours in Iraq, from late 2000-2007 with the Bridge Company Bravo, 6th Engineer Support Battalion.

Upon his return from Iraq, and life as a civilian, Josh overcame PTSD, and several other war-related injuries, and started his own company, A Veteran Contracting, LLC. It started with just Josh, A Veteran, but has since grown to three employees, and they are looking to hire more Veterans.

Josh and A Veteran Contracting, LLC are working on several restaurants in Fells Points and PigTown, and have also fixed up multiple houses around the Baltimore area.

Josh and his wife, Brooke, have been married since December of 2016. Every year, Josh's Marine Corps Company gets together in Philadelphia for a golf fundraiser to help other Marines and their families in need. This year, Josh and Brooke are the recipients of the money. As if they haven't experienced enough Brooke was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma, seven months after their wedding. She is luckily in remission and bills are paid, but Josh's Marine buddies want to take care of next year's health insurance deductible.

Josh, it was such an honor meeting you yesterday. Thank you for your service and for your time with me. I look forward to watching your business grow and seeing how you continue to help other Veterans like yourself.

If you are a Veteran looking for a job in the contracting field, or a business in need of improvements, please reach out to Josh Nagle at

A Veteran Contracting, LLC "We've proven ourselves in battle, trust us to improve the home we fought to defend."

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