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Thank you and Happy New Year!

Dear MHP Clients, Family & Friends,

Happy New Year! I wanted to thank all of our MHP family (clients, family, & friends) for supporting us and continuing to choose me as your photographer. I am going into 2023 with such a full, grateful and happy heart, and I appreciate your love and support so very much.

Each one of you gave me a different reason to love photography, in turn falling more in love with this business. Beginning with the proposals that took off this season, I loved the planning that took place between the two sides (family/friends getting all the details right without leaking information) without the one being proposed to ever knowing. I loved how I could bring my daughter and/or son with me to take a video of the proposal, and how we were secretly part of the plan. I loved watching the level of surprise and emotion with each couple, ranging from shock and tears, to curse words and tears :-) (the most loving curse words, of course). I loved how we could give them their private space after their engagement, while still capturing the snuggly, loving moments. I loved how each couple hugged my daughter and/or son after the proposal and thanked them for being such a huge part of their special day. Our weddings and parties this year were unlike any other events I've photographed before, and it made me crave the next one. I was introduced to more cultures this year, welcomed into their families, introduced to their food and rituals, etc, and loved by them like I'm loved by own family. The guests were always ready to party, the dance floor was always packed, the speeches were so meaningful and hilarious, and I always left feeling like I had just made 100 new best friends! Corporate sessions always intimidate me, in a good way. I'm always impressed with the people I meet at the board meetings, luncheons, etc, and these events always push me way out of my comfort zone. I have to put on my big girl pants and pretend to be a confident, "in charge" leader in front of these high-powered executives. This year was particularly motivating because most of the events I photographed were with high-powered women who are leading the Commercial Real Estate industry in Baltimore. Family sessions have always been my favorite and they hit a different piece of my heart this year. Photographing the same families who have been so loyal to MHP for 4, 5, even 8 years and watching their kids grow fills my heart with such joy, while meeting new families is equally as gratifying! And my newborn sessions...they pull at my heartstrings , and I always have to promise my husband that I won't get any ideas (four is enough for us, I promise), but there is something so beautiful about capturing a family in their home when they're settling into a new "normal" the first days after their baby is born. Whether it's baby number one or five, each newborn session fills my heart with such love and happiness. I love watching families blend together and adjust to the newness of life!

Every session challenged my creativity, my love of the art of photography, and my willingness to go out of my comfort zone in order to grow. I have loved the relationships I've built with all of you, appreciate you welcoming my kids to sessions when they came along, love you for choosing MHP and believing in me, and thank you so very much for your support! This is so much more to me than just a business. It's about capturing your family's memories so that in twenty years, you can look back and remember the smell in the air, music in the background, and feeling in your heart. It's about the relationships we've built while taking the photos, and the friendships that will last forever.

My family and I wish you all a very Happy 2023 and look forward to seeing you soon!

With love always,



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