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"I Do" at the Belmont Estate

Let's start out by saying that the Belmont Estate in Ellicott City is GORGEOUS!! The acres of gardens are stunning! Looking ahead to October 2nd, I'm thinking the Fall colors are going to be popping and, with the green grass and garden colors, everything will set up for a magnificent backdrop for Ashley & Shitiz's wedding and photos.

Insert Hurricane Ian and his path that will be hitting the Baltimore area on Sunday, October 2nd. Even in torrential rain and high winds, the Belmont is gorgeous! Ashley's Dad (remember, "Troy-Zilla?), planned their wedding to a T and everything was set up under a tent. Had you not known there was a hurricane going on outside, you would have said this was the most beautiful wedding you've ever attended. Given the hurricane, this really was the most beautiful, intimate, loving wedding! Ashley & Shitiz were so laid back and relaxed throughout the entire process. I was so impressed! We were able to sneak outside for some photos with our umbrellas before the ceremony, and even after the ceremony without umbrellas! Ian really cut us a break! I love learning about new cultures and being fortunate enough to photograph them! Shitiz's family is from India and definitely brought the party! The ceremony, welcoming, dancing, etc made for a wedding I will never forget. I left with my face hurting from smiling and laughing so much the entire night. I've never wanted to jump in and start dancing more than I did this night! Ashley & Shitiz, thank you for choosing me to capture your beautiful day! I have loved my time with both of you and your families, and am so excited for your life together. Congratulations again <3 <3 <3!

Xo, Meghan





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