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USMC Veteran, Sarah Rudder

"Step into my shoes and walk the life I'm living, and if you get as far as I am, just maybe you will see how STRONG I really am."

Words cannot accurately describe the strength that this Marine Corps Veteran possesses, and I don't think we could truly understand it unless we were, in fact, walking in her shoes. Sarah Rudder has physical and mental strength like no one I've ever met. When she was told she couldn't do something, she did it. And she keeps doing it and proving everyone wrong.

You would think a woman and Veteran of this caliber would boast about her accomplishments, or of her level of awesomeness. No, she is so humble and appreciative of where she is in life. She relates with people so beautifully; shows people of all ages how she is just like them, has experienced the highs and lows just like them, and is there to support them.

To have been given the opportunity with Catch a Lift to photograph a woman and Veteran like Sarah was one of life's greatest gifts, and I am eternally grateful. Sarah, thank you for the impact you made on my life, for motivating me to go after everything that life has to offer, and for showing me that no matter how bad something seems, it is just a "paper cut" in comparison to what someone else is experiencing.

xoxo, Meghan

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