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Redshirts Lacrosse Club vs MD United

WOW, when the Redshirts 2026 girls hit the field, they mean business. Whether it is on a gorgeous sunny day, or in a torrential downpour, these girls go out and truly leave their hearts and souls on the field. The girls play like their lives depend on that particular game, they are so "in sync" with one another, their relationships are so strong, but most importantly, they have so much fun. As I've stated in another post, Coach Dave is like no other. If he sees that they happen to be out of sync, he'll call a time out, talks to them (the parents and I joke about recording his motivational speeches for later use ;-) ) and answers questions, and then it's a new team that returns to the field. The respect that our girls have for Coach Dave and Coach Marcia is like nothing I have ever seen with a team and their coaches. Whether they win or lose, the team learns from the game, and starts preparing for the next.

This game was back and forth from the beginning, but our girls came out even stronger in the second half. Defense was strong, as always, communication was flowing, and offense was on fire.

It is such an honor to watch the Redshirts play, and an even bigger honor to be the Mother of a 2026 player. Keep playing tough, Shirts. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't do something, or you are inferior to someone else. You are just as good, if not better, than everyone else. #123ShirtsWhatBOOM

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