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Lacrosse Photographer?! Yes, please!

When the email from our daughter's lacrosse coach went out asking for volunteers to take photos at their lacrosse games, I immediately thought, "me please"! What an honor to take photos of these girls as they hustle every week against every team, leaving their hearts on the fields every week. It has been so much fun watching them grow as girls and as a team, and getting to see it all unfold on camera has been a blast. They all have such a special relationship with one another, and with Coach Dave & Coach Marcia. I said it in my last post but I will scream it from the hilltops...this club is like no other out there.

Their priorities are more than just winning games. They're about building character, leadership, good teammates, respect, motivation, lacrosse knowledge, and skills. They're about more than what is left on the field. It's about what is in your heart and the kind of person you are. They have some of the best players out there, and what is better than being the best on the field, is that these girls are the most respectful girls you will meet. We've met them, and we've been blown away at their character.

Our girls have fought hard this season, and they've fought hard because they love this team, this club, and their coaches. It has been such an exciting season, and there is a lot of fun left to be had. I will be there, photographing all of it, and I can't wait :-).

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