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Summer Day in Hereford

This summer has been a little crazy and hectic, but when I think about it, I really wouldn't trade it for the world. Our littles are at such amazing ages and, though they bring out the gray in my hair sometimes ;-), they bring so much happiness to our lives. Yesterday was the perfect example.

We wanted to spend our family day doing something active and fun, and out of the "norm" (well, out of Jay's "norm" ;-) ), so we decided to go hiking at Hillbilly Beach in Hereford. We were looking for the waterfall (anyone know if it is still there??), but came across a very overgrown trail, a ton of hills to climb, prickers, and overall a beautiful sight to see. My husband said that it was the "Homa version of Survivor" comment ever! Once our hike was over (we never found the waterfall), we took the kids and dogs back to the Gunpowder for some swimming, and that's where the magic truly happened. Our kids and pups had the biggest smiles on their faces. Our pups would sprint away from us, up the steep hill, then come barreling down and dive into the water! It was an afternoon of swimming, belly laughs, rock skipping, and pure joy.

As I am spending more time focusing on peace and serentity, I find myself enjoying the mundane moments a lot more, and just being beside myself in happiness on days like this. xoxo

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