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March Newsletter

Happy March! It has been a busy and exciting time at Meghan Homa Photography, and I wanted to write and thank you for helping to build this dream of mine, as well your loyalty to MHP. I also wanted to share some exciting updates and upcoming events coming this Spring. As most of you know, this past May I launched a project called "Headshots for Heroes". Our focus was to offer free corporate headshots for our Veterans, in hopes of easing the transition from active duty to civilian life by helping to jumpstart their job search. When Jay and I sat down and came up with the goals and intentions of this project, fifty was the magic number. We thought photographing fifty Veterans was a reasonable and attainable goal. What we didn't think about was the incredible response to this project, and just how many people, organizations, and Veterans would be interested. I am pleased to share with you that we hit our goal in October and, as of today, I have photographed over 150 Veterans for free. This project has introduced me to some of the most amazing, motivating, patriotic, and driven people I have ever met, and it has fueled the fire inside to continue giving back to our Veteran community. We are in the process of getting funding for this project through sponsors and partnerships in order to keep the project growing. If you are interested in helping to fund this project, or pay for a Veteran's headshot, please give us a call. We are planning our very first Customer Appreciation Day for friends and family of Meghan Homa Photography. Keep an eye out for information and details for that get-together. As a thank you for your support and loyalty, we are offering a 20% discount on any full (60 minute) photography sessions, as well as new referrals. For every referral you send, receive 15% off your next session, for you and your referral. Please note that the two discounts cannot be used for the same session, and all referrals must be new clients to MHP. Thank you again for your love and support, and for keeping this dream of ours alive. With a Grateful Heart, Meghan

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