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Young Living Headshots

"Be the kind of woman that makes other women want to up their game."

THIS...this quote pretty much sums up this beautiful woman and her positive effect on everyone around her. She has been thrown so many bricks and, instead of allowing them to take her down, she caught those bricks, threw them back, and used them as stepping stones to learn and grow ;-).

She is a Diamond with Young Living Essential Oils and is succeeding at a faster pace than we can all keep up. She is fierce in business and has a heart of gold. She knows what she wants and goes after it. She encourages everyone and helps her team reach their own milestones. She truly is a woman who makes not only other women, but everyone, want to up their game. When Mary earned her Diamond promotion, another Young Living powerhouse reached out to me to gift Mary with a head-shot photo session Mary. To me, I was amongst royalty. I have know Mary for several years, but to take her photos made me SO nervous. I wanted to make her happy, and to meet her expectations. As nervous as I was, she is the kindest most loving person, and I had the greatest time with her.

Melissa, thank you thinking of me when planning your gift for Mary. Mary, thank you SO much for our time together and for trusting me with your photos.



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